Another Wheel

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Finally finished this wheel after many repaints.   Still not completely satisfied with it.  I’m going to put it away for a spell.  Hopefully time will give me fresh eyes.


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I’m working on a new book.   It’s a simple book, which makes it complicated for me.  The pains of editing effect illustrators as much as writers.  The theme is pretty basic ..yet extraordinary, so how do I portray these things … Continued


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I haven’t been illustrating, though I have two things I need to work on. Right now, I just want to paint so…I paint.  I started a succulence series awhile back and never did much with it.  I’ve recently returned to … Continued

IF “Time”

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Ok, it’s Thursday, at 7:05 PM. I’m running out of time to post my illustration friday. The theme, time. Time… what does it mean? So many ways to interpret time. Time for an appointment, running late … running out of time..not … Continued

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