I love Monsters!

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I’m working on an interactive picture book dummy that developed from my participation in the Sketchbook Project last year. It was creatively freeing to work on something called a sketchbook.  For me, a sketchbook ment nothing more than sketches. No pre-thought, no research, and no final art. Without using a pencil as a guild, I created my monsters with india ink and a brush. I added color using a cheep tin of watercolor (which I’ve fallen in love with). The sketchbook is part of a permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum of Art Library where patrons can check the sketchbook out and peruse its contents. Every now and then I will get a wonderful comments via e-mail about my work. It’s pretty darn cool.

Three original monsters from the sketchbook project.

I reworked the monsters.  I sketched them out this time but I used the same materials, india ink and a cheep tin of  watercolor.

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