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Sorry to those of you who follow my blog.   It’s been over a year and I’m ashamed.  BUT, it isn’t because I haven’t been working.  There have been some projects that required me to keep images to myself. Hopefully, I will be able to post those shortly.  In the meantime, I’ve decided to join the Sketchbook Project. Artists can choose their theme.  Being that I am a fan of the dark side, I  chose Nighttime Stories. After signing up, the artist is sent a plane brown sketchbook.  The hard part, what to fill it with.  I stared at the book for a few weeks.  One day, while in Dallas for a hockey tournament, I started doodling on the cover with ink.  I decided that I would not outline or use pencil on this project.   Straight to ink….terrifying yet freeing.  I doodled out the cover and added color with some watercolor.   I got the basic idea down…but I had no idea how to fill the pages.  I knew I wanted to involve the viewer. I wanted it to be interactive.  I reflected on past projects and remembered this hatbox.

If you moved the hat box lid, you could change the character’s expression.  This is what I wanted for my sketchbook.  Something people would want to touch and play around with.  I decided to cut the pages in my sketchbook and allow the viewer to change faces, torso’s or feet to create a gazillion different monsters.   Here is the start of my project.

I’ve added several new monsters, Beware!

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  2. I love your sketchbook project! Make your own monster books hold a special place in my heart, yours is rockin!

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