Star Wheel

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This was the most fun wheel yet. I’ve looked up at the stars so many times in my life and I can even point out a few Constellations but to me the sky was too full of stars to make any real sense of it. I started drawing this star chart, plotting out the dots that would be stars and then connected them. After a full day of working I went out for a late night swim. The sky was clear and many stars could be seen. This time when I looked up, everything was familiar. I recognized everything.  It was amazing!  That’s what I love about drawing and painting, it forces you to be observant.  Drawing/Painting allows you to make it your own.  


I used a light crackle glaze for the space around the star wheel and added the star points.



Close up of the stars.  There are so many dots!  This forced me to find the constellations in a pattern of stars.



It was just like a puzzle.



and the finished piece.  


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