Chris Barton’s “The Day-Glo Brothers”

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I had the pleasure of attending Chris Barton’s book signing at Book People this past Saturday.

Chris was promoting his first published picture book “The Day-Glo Brothers” .  


It was so nice to see all the Local SCBWI peeps showing their support for this very talented author. Not only was there a lot’s of writing and illustrator folks, but many parents and children.  It was a nice crowd.  


Chris had set up tables of crafts all in day glow colors for the kids as well as day glow cookies and bright orange juice.   He talked about how his story came to be, how long it took, how many rejections it went through, how long the story was originally,  and finally, how it came to be published.  It’s a interesting and fun biography full of whimsical illustrations…. and, it glows!


Here Chris is signing my book.  


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