Wheels, Wheels and more Wheels!

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I never would have thought of doing a book on wheels. It something insignificant to me, yet what would we do without them?   My friend Dianna thought up the concept. She sees things I don’t see, She thinks about things I don’t have time to think about. She finds the importance of small things most of us overlook. When she and I were first friends, we would go on long walks for what I thought was exercise. That wasn’t why Dianna walked. She walked to find things. She would find feathers, coins, buttons, seeds, plastic toys….to me, crap, to Dianna, little gifts. I still don’t think like her but she has helped me find wonder is small things.  

This wheel is Training Wheel. I found a crackle agent I liked and used it for the background. In most of the pictures, there is some added texture for the backdrop of the image. None of the wheels have been properly scanned. I just took a digital picture. They aren’t sharp on here but I didn’t want to mess with it.


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