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I’m working on a new book.   It’s a simple book, which makes it complicated for me.  The pains of editing effect illustrators as much as writers.  The theme is pretty basic ..yet extraordinary, so how do I portray these things in a way that also celebrates them?  To simple, and they seem unimportant…to complex and the subject is lost.  I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now.  While on the bike, I thought I came up with something perfect.   Adding a textured/crackled background would give it a very different look while keeping the subject from being overwhelmed.   I usually use this really cool crackle stuff but of course, I was out. I couldn’t find the same product and decided to try a different one.   The effect wasn’t the same.   Instead of looking antiqued and aged, it looked run down and dumpy.   I’m going to paint it again after I find the correct crackling agent.   It’s so frustrating but I will get it right!!!



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