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I haven’t been illustrating, though I have two things I need to work on. Right now, I just want to paint so…I paint.  I started a succulence series awhile back and never did much with it.  I’ve recently returned to my cacti and have re-fallen in love with them. Perhaps it’s the spring weather that draws me to paint those blooming prickly pear.  Who knows, I’ve alway been fascinated by succulence. Below is a cacti I found in San Miguel. It was right outside my friends door.  I was waiting for the shuttle to take  me to Leon and found this wonderful cactus. 

This painting is not finished.  Just thought I would post the process. 

close up the prickly pear.



Zoomed in a bit.




I’ve laid down the color for most of the pears, Now I start adding shadow, highlights and details like the linty spikes. That’s were the fun starts. I’ll post again when I’m further along.

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