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I was asked to decorate a hatbox for the Hill Country Book Festival.  The hatbox will be auctioned off and the funds generated from the sale will benefit the Williamson County Literacy Council.    They ladies I painted on the box do look a bit clique-ish so here ya go.   🙂  I used pen and ink to outline the faces directly onto the box and then used watercolors.   I haven’t used them in quite a while, like years!   It was a very fun project.   


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  1. I wish I could paint non-digitally and this well. I guess I need to practice practice practice.

    Where do I get a hat box?

  2. Christy! Hi!

    I’m loving your blog!!

    Just found you hilarious hatboxes!! LOVE ‘EM!!

    Having a good Valentine’s Day 09 weekend?

    hope so!!

    Hey, my brother and his wife are having a home built to retire in right there in Austin.

    Near some Lake. They used to live in Houston, and are now in Southern California –

    but their hearts belong in TEXAS, I guess.

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