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I love this twice a week challenge.  I decided to use India ink, Sumi ink, and a small nib to create this Monday’s illustration. The small color spots I colored in with Pantone markers.  I copied my rough sketch on to a clean piece of vellum paper.  I like the smoothness of the paper but it isn’t very conducive to washes.  I didn’t care, this was Artday Monday.  I was free to play.



Once I copied the illustration and cleaned up the lines, I started to ink.   My nib was old and it didn’t hold the ink very well so the lines are thicker then I wanted.    I inked the flea first to make sure I didn’t accidentally cover him with any of the hair lines. 



 Finally, everything is inked and I’m ready to start with the Sumi ink washes.


I tried to vary the color of the wash by adding water.  This will dilute the pigment and allow me to create lighter and darker washes. I didn’t have much control over the ink on this paper so I decided to NOT control it. 


This image was scanned while the other images were taken with a digital camera.   I didn’t want allot of color and I wanted to draw the eye to the Bloody Mary so I left all monotone except the drink and the celery.


I call this illustration  “Hair of the Dog”

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  1. Hi there been surfing the net for wash out hair color and found your blog reg Theme “Hair”. You relly know your stuff! I\’d like to see more posts here. Will definitely bookmark this one and come back.

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