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 So, I’ve started Illustration Friday and I love it..but, once I was done with     that weeks theme, I was ready to do another and was pretty sad to wait.     I did some perusing on the internet and found…


This weeks them was Home Town.

I grew up in El Paso. The western most tip of Texas. We boarder Mexico, and New Mexico. The theme hometown sparks so many memories and I wasn’t sure which one I would do. There was Asarco…a tall smokestack that loomed over our elementary school playground. It was part of a copper smeltering plant and filled the air will pollution that smelled of sulfur. Or I could have done the Rio Grande. This river looks harmless and shallow but often proves deadly to those who want to cross. A simple river that divides one country from another. Instead of these very interesting icons of El Paso, I chose a symbol that brought back good memories and one place that I must go to every time I return home. Chico’s Tacos! I love this place.

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