Austin SCBWI Spring Conference

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We (Austin SCBWI) have changed our fall conference to the spring. It makes quite a difference.   Our wildflowers are blooming, the heat is not yet stifling, and everyone is happy and excited to be done with winter.  Austinites are primed for insight.  So it goes without saying that our conference ROCKED!

Our line up included Agent Erin Murphy (So funny and wonderful.  I got to know her and fell in love with her personality!), Deborah Wayshak who is the executive editor at Candlewick Press.  ( I could kick myself for not hunting her down and getting to know her better.  My loss indeed!!!)  We also had Alvina Ling, editor from Little Brown.  ( She also seemed to elude me.  Perhaps they’ve heard the talk and kept a nice distance. Smart smart people!!)  Christina Tugeau was our art agent.  (She IS cute as a button and such a delight!  She offered great insight to each artists work.  It is much appreciated.) Peter Jacobi spoke at our conference and was wonderful.   He is a visiting professor from Indiana University’s School of Journalism.  We also had the inspiring Naomi Pasemann who worked for 44 years as a  public school teacher and counselor.  Her speech was so powerful, funny and motivating.  She was absolutely amazing.


Here’s an image of our local illustrators/authors intensely listening to one of our speakers.


We included many formats for our illustrators to get their work seen.   Before each conference, I put together a little welcome basket/bag for our conference faculty.   Items are from local establishments that are ment to promote our wonderful city.   One thing that’s included are blank notecards.    The illustratos who attended the conference were encouraged to place their image on a notecard.   This was a great way to promote our talented illustrators.   


Here is what the stack looked like before they went into the editors/agents/professor/teacher’s bag.


Here is the slew of talented illustrators cards.  Not all of the illustrations had arrived yet. 


Another way we promoted our illustrators was to have an auction.    We tend to do something like this every year at our conference.    Any participating illustrator or author must use the same item. This year we used a wood birdhouse.   What’s fun about it is how different they all turn out to be.   For some of us (me), it gets kind of competitive.  This year I was blown away by what showed up. 



And last we have the portfolio contest.   The winner  was Clint Young.  He won a $75.00 gift certificate to Jerry’s Artarama. Second place was Patrice Barton.  She won a $50.00 gift certificate, and third place went to Janee Trasler who won a $25.00 gift certificate.   Three AMAZING talents.   

                                                                   Patrice, Janee, and Clint


It was a long but fruitful day.   After the conference, we all headed down to Threadgills for some good southern food.    Ahhh, the end.


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