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I’m going to visit one of my best friends Dianna Aston. She is an amazing writer for children’s books.

Some of her titles include;

When You Where Born,


An Egg is Quiet,


A Seed is Sleepy,


and many many more. She recently moved from Buda, Tx to San Miguel Allende where she has started a charity for children called The Oz Project. I was happy to designe the logo for the charity.


below is information regarding “The Oz Project.”

Inspiration is the cornerstone of THE OZ PROJECT , founded by hot-air balloon enthusiasts in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico who will lift children like these into the realm of the rainbow, where dreams awaken. The first trip up is July 25, 2007, when girls from Casa Hogar Santa Julia Don Bosco, A.C., a girls’ orphanage, will rise with the sun in colorful balloons [from the pueblo’s town center, we hope]. Aloft, these children will see a world without borders and discover a magical peace that gives wings to imagination. Del cielo, no hay fronterras y no hay limites en sus suenos. Our vision of them will be an invitation to reach into forgotten places where dreams fade with time, an invitation to offer them knowledge of the world, inspiration for the soul, and the power of choice.

These children are sharing their dreams with us. You can help us make life better for orphans in San Miguel de Allende–and around the world–by volunteering your time, donating money or sponsoring a balloon ride — around $175 USD per child. US Tax Deductible Donations may be made to the San Miguel Educational Foundation, noting Santa Julia Balloon Project on the memo line. Mail to 9902 Crystal Court, Suite 107 BC 2323 121A, Laredo, Texas 78045. It is important that you email our orphanage liaison Robin Loving at Robin@RobinLoving.com if you’re sending a donation in order to ensure that your funding goes for this project. Your support of The Oz Project means a great deal to these deserving kids as we continue working to make life better for them.

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  1. Beatriz Herrera-Rodden

    Hello my name is Beatriz Herrera-Rodden and I was Born in Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico.
    San Miguel is my home town and I love that place more than any other place in the world… I love giving back and for quite some time now i have been trying to find an orphanage that I could work with to volunteer my time, efforts, love. etc etc…
    Please tell me about this place and let me know when there’s need for someone to come help out. my # is 303-653-6292. thank you so much

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