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Ok, It has taken a bit of time for me to post. You’ve heard me type it before; I don’t know where the time goes. It’s true!!! I can’t believe I let a few months go by without posting. So today, I’m going to post for May AND June. If I get bold, I may post for July.

Ok, so I had this amazing Illustrator Day at my house. It was everything I hoped it would be

Filled with talented illustrators, the event took on a warm feeling. Everyone seemed at ease and happy to be with each other.

One of our presenters was the very talented Illustrator, Priscilla Burris.



Priscilla is also the SCBWI Illustrator Coordinator. Her bazillion books she has illustrated include;

Five Green and Speckled Frogs (Which she also wrote!),

I Love You all Day Long,

Daddy all Day Long,

The Big Red Sled,

The Sweetest Valentines,

What Angles Do?

Jenny’s Socks.

This woman is funny, insightful, and highly entertaining. She not only gave a great PowerPoint presentation, but she engaged the illustrators by literally forcing us to do drawing exercises. It was daunting but surprisingly eye opening. It’s really good for you to be pushed outside your comfort zone. Thanks for a wonderful presentation, and for a fun filled weekend!

To learn more about Priscilla please visit her website at;

Our second presenter was Abigail Samoun.



Abigail is the project editor with Tricycle Press in Berkeley, California. I have to admit, I LOVE TRICYCLE! The quirky art, the engaging text…….well, I really haven’t read the books. HONESTLY, I buy them for the art!!!! The images are fun and different. I adore them! So, as you can imagine, I was extremely pleased when Abigail said that she would join us. Like the books that Tricycle produces, Abigail is funny and quirky. She has a great laugh..(So I tried to make her laugh…allot!) Abigail’s presentation was a window into the world at Tricycle Press. She even showed us an image of the slush pile. IT’S BIG! Her presentation conveyed the openness of the company to new ideas and new ways to tell stories. It’s nice to know there are publishing houses out there that are looking for different and fresh. It’s like a nod of the head for illustrators to go out and explore their own ideas and interpretations of things. Abigail has edited board books, picturebooks, and middle-grade fiction. Some wonderful books that she edited are;

George Hogglesberry Grade School Alien

Yesterday I Had the Blues

King & King

Ten Little Elvi


And many many many more! To learn more about Abigail please visit her website. It’s chock full of information.

After a long day, a few of us went out to dinner at one of my Favorite eateries. South Congress Cafe. It was a lovely end to a wonderful day! One last thing, A shout out to my peeps that didn’t make it. Erik, Mary, Gene and Don…you were missed!


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  1. dang. makes me miss austin.

  2. Hi, Christy
    Great to discover your blog. I’ve got it bookmarked! Thanks for the kind words. I hope we’ll get to do a quirky, funny project together one day!

  3. Hey Christy!

    THANK YOU for your sweet & wonderful write-up of our day with you all — I mean Y’All!

    Awesome, Awesome time and terrific memories.

    And I have to say you are the bestest hostess. Thanks for your terrific hospitality!

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