I made a jump

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After all these years of sending out promotional mailers, postcards, and booklets, I’ve decided to take the big leap. I took out an add in PictureBook.

It is something I’ve thought about doing for a long time, but the cost of a single page was a strong deterrent. It was very hard for me to think my images would be worth such a price. Maybe it something many artists struggle with, but seeing that such a high value was placed on a page made me feel like my images were not worth the space. Finally, I told myself to just shut up and do it. …………So, I did it. “GULP” But, I signed up for the early bird special and got 100 bones off for being a member of SCBWI. What is comes down to is me investing in myself. Investing in a career that I love and want to grow. The book doesn’t come out till 2008 but my promo sheet has already been made and mailed in (A great thanks to Erik Kuntz). So, here’s to 2008!!!!


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