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Initially, I hadn’t planned on going to the SCBWI Conference, but I changed my mind at the last minuet. Unfortunately, the evening before the event, my husband became ill and I was called to Mom duty.

I was sad to miss it because my friend Don Tate was speaking and I wanted to see his talk. Not only did I miss out on seeing some great speakers, I missed out on schmoozing with my art/writer friends. The socializing is really my favorite part of the conferences. Shout out to the peeps of the Austin SCBWI! So, before the event, the illustrators and writers create an item to be auctioned off during the conference. This allows us to take in some extra income and it helps sponsor future events. I always enjoy this challenge and I can never wait to see what others have cleverly come up with. This year we were decorating wooden boxes. Because I didn’t go, I still have mine. I thought I would share here. ?

Herbert is a character in the graphic novel “KING BONES”

outside Herbert j.jpg

inside Herbert j.jpg

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