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Today I had my Tarot Cards read, my ruins tossed, and my palm dissected!

I’m throwing a party in October and decided that I would have a Tarot Card reader join us to add to the Halloween spirit. To help me decide what type of readings I would like my guests to receive, the reader suggested I come down for a complimentary session. This was very kind of her and I gladly took her up on her offer. I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing time. She was kind and thoughtful and she filled my head with all the possibilities that may lie in the future. Regardless if you believe in this stuff or not, I left there with a bit of drive to move forward, to work hard, and to make what I want a reality. She lit a fire in my belly. Sometimes it’s nice to jump outside our norm and experience something new, something different, hell, something off the wall! I loved it! Before I left, She looked at my palm and asked if she could draw on it. Ink, Paint, Stain…it’s all the same to me and I was pleased as punch she wanted to doodle on my hand. She connected lines and said, “Look at this, Look how big this is!” That was the perfect end to a perfect session. She is SO hired!!


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  1. Hi Christy!

    Don’t know if you remember me, but I attended the illustrator workshop at your home recently. Red hair, sat in the back. I’m in the process of trying to put the info so generously shared at that meeting into action!

    This was such a neat entry…something that sounded unique, interesting and inspiring. I have been interested in Tarot cards for several years now. More-so I think for the beautiful imagery than the application, but would love to get together with you again for a “fun” gathering such as this.

    Please keep us all posted on the progress of your Halloween vision, and good luck with the “fire and inspiration”.

    Midge Beard

    P. S. My website is still under construction, so temporary image only.

  2. Hi Midge! Of course I remember you. Thanks for posting on my blog. I ment to do an illustrator day post last month. I will soon with pictures from the event. Get that website up and move forward! I’m planning some more illustrator events and I’ll keep you posted.

    Best to you,

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