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Before you see more of this post, please be advised that when I say ugly…I mean UGLY!! If you feel the need to continue, you have been warned!

I had surgery on my knee about two weeks ago and I’m bored out of my mind. One can stay in bed only for so long with out going nuts. One day I watched a marathon viewing of “Making a Super Model” I think that is what it was called. You would think that after a full day of viewing, I would know what the name of the program was. So, my stitches are out, I’ve been doing my exercises, and I’m down to one crutch. Here is what it looks like!


Glamorous, Franken knee!

The Dr. asked if I would have a problem with a four-inch scar running down my leg. ahh, NOPE. I’m actually very excited to have the scar. I’ve had knee trouble from a very early age. Yes, I did ballet, but it seems it was more of a patella tracking problem. I’m convinced God made me up of spare parts. Head and feet to small, long lanky arms and legs, odd knees,.. big butt! None of it makes sense. Anyway, The Dr. did an amazing job and today, I’m back to working on my Graphic Novel. YEAH!!!

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