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I have time now to focus on my own stuff. Sean Petrie and I have reconnected and opened up King Bones. I’m completely excited about this project. It is something that has been close to my heart for many years.

It started off as a picture book. After Mark Siegel from :01 read it, he thought it would make for a great graphic novel. Sean and I are in the process of getting 5 panels together to submit to Mark. I had shown three panels in a previous post, but Mark thought they were to picture book like. He was and is right. My difficulty will be to leave that picture book mentality behind and create something with a more graphic and gritty look. I need to bring out my inner grit

KB panel 1 sketch blog.jpg

This is a quick sketch with words written loosly. Mark likes all the text hand written (Ugg). I was trying to see how large the text needed to be and about how much room was needed. This wasn’t working for me.

KB page 1 sketch 2 blog.jpg

I decided that I would use computer text for size and placement. It kind of creates a template. My plan is to print this out and transfer the images (text included) to my final paper. Then the fun begins…INKING!!! YeeeeeeEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA

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