April (another month skips by)

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Time and I have not been in sync this year. It seems the months go by in a blink. I again forgot to post. Here is April’s blog.

Every year I donate a piece of painted art to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation for their Gala. The piece is auctioned off to raise money. This year I had a combined project. I painted the bookshelf, but published Authors and Illustrators from our wonderful Austin chapter signed and donated their books to fill the shelves. I wish I could have seen it assembled and full of Austin’s finest.

JDRF bookshelf 1.jpg

JDRF Bookshelf 2.jpg

I again crackled the edges to give it that rustic, old look. I also decided to do a stark contrast image instead of the detailed images I usually do. I kept thinking of The Raven. So, I made it a tribute to Mr. Edgar Allan Poe, who’s work I adore. I would have loved a Poe-ish library as a child.

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