Moving on

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I’ve almost finished the dedication page for the “Yak” book. I like everything Ok. Some parts I like quite a bit, while others didn’t gel the way I wanted them too. There is one place however that I can’t stand. It has tortured me for a few days now. THE BOYS HAND!

Dedication page blog.jpg

Here is the whole image. It is a double page spread for the dedication page.

arm blog.jpg

This is “THE” hand!

I can’t get that stinker to work. I’ve redone and redone that clawish resembling thing so many times I can’t even count. Finally, I covered it over with thick red paint and started from scratch. I didn’t think ahead as to what this lumpy red goo would look like when it dried or when I applied the fleshy color over it. If I had thought ahead, I would have realized that there would be lumps, and bumps and all kinds of freaky globs. Basically, I’ve created three-dimensional warped skin. It’s very very odd looking on a young boys arm. After a brief temper tantrum, I decided to put it away and get to the next illustration. I will come back to it later with a blowtorch, sander and new sketches. Until then, good-bye crazy arm.

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