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Ok, so I said I was going to post twice this month, so here it goes. I am in crunch time now for painting the illustrations for “There’s a Yak in My Bed.” All my sketches have been approved and now It’s time to paint, paint, paint.

cover sketch.jpg

sketch for cover “There’s a Yak in My Bed”

I started with the cover. I really liked the sketch but as I started to paint, it just didn’t seem right. The colors, and the flatness of the image left me wondering (As illustrators and artists often do) if I had any talent and why the heck was I torturing myself.

blocking color.jpg

Blocked in color for wrap around cover.

images set.jpg

I’ve started to add layers of color and small details to the objects in the illustration. Slowly defining the images.


I think I’m finished. I don’t know what to do. I’m not happy with the illustration and this is the cover. This image will not only set the tone for the book, but also be the first thing that buyers will see. The cover sells the book. How am I to put this out there if even I can’t stand it! AHHHhhhHHhhhHHh.

I e-mail it to my critique group who guilde me gently to my errors. After a large glass of ……………Tea, I decide to change many, many things. Let it be said, that there are also many, many things I ignored.

New Yak Cover with text.jpg

Some changes are obvious, while others, …well, think of it as a search and find. I like the look of this much better. Now that this is finished, hopefully, the others illustrations will go smother. Either that or I will have to go out and get some more …….Tea!

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  1. Kay Pluta

    Looks great! It’s fun to watch!

  2. I don’t know why I’m surfing around Anastasia’s web site but I found this wonderful, fun, picture of your YAK and I had to say, “It’s adorable.” I am not an illustrator, I’m not an artist, but I am an author, with two books under my bed with Delacorte/Random House. MADE YOU LOOK(2003) and PUPPET PANDEMONIUM, to be released in the fall. My good writing buddy is an illustrator and through her eyes, I’ve learned so much to look for in a picture on the face of a child’s book. You have done a grand job. Diane Roberts

  3. Thanks Diane, I really appreicate your post. Congrats on the two you’ve done. Here’s to many many more!

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