JDRF Gala Auction

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For the past several years, I have donated artwork to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for their annual Gala. I started off donating an original framed painting, but after several years, the foundation asked if I would be interested in painting an armoire for them instead.

I jumped at the chance to see what I could come up with. The first year I decided to paint monsters in the closet and was very pleased with the outcome. It ended up being a big hit! We decided to try again this year. My friend Mary, who got me involved with the JDRF auction, informed me that the theme of the gala was “Under the Tuscan Moon.” To me, this them was neither fun, nor quirky and I made up my mind to dismiss the theme and do my own thing. When I tried to explain to individuals in charge of the gala what I had in mind, painting a skeleton on the front of the armoire, even though nothing was said, I sensed that people thought it may be a bit odd. I am odd, and I love skeletons so I went to work.

I wanted the outside of the armoire to look old and weathered so I painted the base coat off white. I then put a crackling agent over that and added a mossy green topcoat. As the paint dried, deep cracks began to appear all over the exterior of the piece. I then painted the front panels black to give them depth.

amour just painted.jpg

I turned the armoire on it’s back to work on sketching and painting the image. I just can’t seem to paint unless I can really attack the area with my full body.

in progress.jpg

After a few days the piece was finished and picked up. Everyone loved it and found the skeleton not to be scary, but fun and quirky. Yep, that’s just the way I like it! The Gala was May 7th. I hope it was a hit!

finished product copy.jpg