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My father is on a cycle team in El Paso, Texas. They are called TEAM SLOW. The team wanted an image to place on their biking shirts that signified their name.

My father had an idea of a turtle on an old fashioned bike riding very fast. I loved the idea and went to work. I wanted the image to be more graphic and less painterly. To do this, I incorporated an ink drawn painting of the turtle into the computer.

turtle 1 blog copy.jpg

For most illustrators that use the computer, this is easy. But for me, it was torture. I wanted the painted image and the computer images to look cohesive. I wanted them to look like they belonged together. I ended up adjusting color with Photoshop and made the turtle more flat toned and less painterly. It was hard to let go of all the undertones and shading, but it made it better.

turtle 2 blog.jpg

Originally, I had planned on leaving the image all black and white except for the turtle. I wanted the turtle to really stand out. But my father and his cycling crew are a crazy and colorful bunch. I decided that for them, color should be added. It was also requested that a mountain be included so that everyone would know they were from El Paso. I added Scenic Drive to the background in a very understated tone as to not drag the eye away from the turtle. I’M SLOW…I hope I get a Jersey!

turtle 3 blog.jpg