March Madness

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There are to many student holidays this month. Spring break and Easter. When the kids are home I don’t work. Well, I guess they give me a legitimate excuse not to work.

Something odd seems to happen though, when I feel I can’t work, that is when I want to paint the most. It’s kind of nice actually. I leave the holiday with a feeling of urgency. I need to produce! I have to say that being forced to take a break does recharge me. The first thing I did after the kids went back to school was clean my art room. Actually, can an art room ever REALLY be clean? Basically, this is as clean as the studio gets!

Here are images of my studio.


This is where I read books. Ok ok, for those of you that know me, this is where I look at the pictures inside the books. I ponder here a lot and day dream.


These are some of the friends I talk to throughout the day. They are quirky and inspiring . What is really scary though, many times, they talk back.

drafting table.jpg

This is where I paint. I have everything I need right there. It’s quite messy!

kids painting desk.jpg

This is a space for the kids. I want them to feel welcome in my studio. This area allows them to play and experiment with art while I’m working. My boys like drawing on the light box!